Mindblown: a blog about philosophy.

  • 2021: A Year to Believe

    It’s the end of 2020, a time to make grand gestures, to talk about how horrible this year has been, a time to think of bright new potential for the future…or to lament how little change took place in the face of evident need…or maybe something completely different. I’m not sure myself. This is also…

  • Clarity.

    I’ve spent much of my life searching for some kind of clarity, an assurance that the ideas I’m acting on are the “correct” ones. But the world around us seems to value broad strokes, grand statements based on how strong a reaction they create.

  • Kotsu Kotsu

    Kotsu Kotsu is a Japanese term that, according to the meditation, loosely translates to “step by step.” It aligns with a Zen proverb: “Carry water. Chop wood.”

  • Getting started.

    This blog is part of my part in trying to make a difference. This is me getting started.

Got any book recommendations?