Getting started.

I’m likening this post to scribbling on an empty sheet of paper. It might not be for much other than just getting over the hump of staring that this empty blog like I have for the past X years.

There’s still plenty of worth to that.

I’ve written about games for the past ten years of my life. I’ve worked with various outlets trying to connect game worlds with our physical ones. It’s why I created Intelligame, after all.

Games are important. But many other things are, too. The world that we live today, right now, feels precarious, on a knife’s edge…and perhaps it’s always been that way, just one strong gust away from a radical change. This certainly isn’t the first time.

So many people are doing their parts to try and make sure that this change ends up being one for the better. I can admit that my belief in our ability to stem the tides of hate and anger wavers from day to day, and lately that belief’s been hard to channel.

But today, right now, at this moment, I believe there IS a chance to make a difference. I believe in the power of art, in the power of messages, the ability to use this these words and these tools and these collective hearts to push other forward into a brighter future, one that pushes through the forces that attempt to divide us, forces that profit on cultivating fear, greed, disinformation, and willful ignorance.

This blog is part of my part in trying to make a difference.

This is me getting started.







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